Why buy from Julian Brunt

I have specialised in the sales of wheelchair accessible cars / minibuses for many years and it is with my experience and knowledge in mind that I offer a commitment to you.

In choosing your next and in most cases first wheelchair accessible car / minibus I will listen to your requirements and advise you accordingly.

I will offer you my advice on what car / minibus is most suitable to the chair user and those who will travel in the vehicle too.

For instance, does the driver require an manual or automatic transmission, is the chair user a very tall person as this will affect what type of car I recommend and the most important factor is the entry in to the vehicle by the chair user.

By that I mean that whilst I cannot do anything about the gradient entry in to the car I can advise if I feel for safety reasons a vehicle with a winch is necessary.

If it is for just advice alone please do not hesitate in contacting me personally.