About Disabled Car Seller, Julian

Having traded for over twenty years specialising in the sales of wheelchair accessible cars and minibuses I feel I have the knowledge and understanding required to assist both the wheelchair user and those close to them when deciding on a vehicle to suit their requirements.

I have gained much experience over the years and pleasure too when I have seen the difference that a wheelchair accessible disabled car / minibus has made to so many lives.

The needs of the wheelchair user are so vitally important when making the decision on what vehicle to purchase but I recognise also that family members / friends will have an important input in the decision making too.

My experience and knowledge over many years has led to a gradual growth in my small business which now allows me to have a varied stock list available to be viewed.

I am based in Gloucestershire near the town of Stroud which is just a short distance from the M5 Motorway

Why buy a WAV / disabled car / Minibus from me?

I specialise in the sale of wheelchair accessible cars / minibuses / disabled cars but I am now in a position to offer a wider range of vehicles from my base in the South West.

From small three and four seater cars ( as well as the chair user ) typically classed as disabled cars I can offer minibuses up to sixteen seater and sometimes as small as six seater.

Most of my stock is sourced direct from Motability Operations which will mean that the disabled car or minibus will be a one owner vehicle from new

I am able to travel to you from my base to locations as far away as Cornwall, Wales, the Midlands and beyond to ensure you get the right disabled vehicle for your needs.

Buying from Motability Operations will mean that the car / minibus will have a full dealership service history often outlining in a service print out all work that has been carried out.

As well as buying the majority of my stock from Motability Operations I am always looking to buy from private owners wheelchair accessible cars / minibuses.

This can often allow me to offer cars / minibuses at a wide range of prices depending on the vehicles age.

Motability Operations vehicles are usually no more than five years old when offered for sale so buying wheelchair accessible cars / minibuses from private users can allow me to offer vehicles at a variety of customers budgets.

If you are looking for WAV’S in the Gloucestershire / Wiltshire area then please pay me a visit and see the full collection I have available.

Where do I buy my Wheelchair Accessible Cars / Minibuses (WAVs)?

Having traded for many years in the sales of disabled cars and minibuses I am delighted to be able to offer a varied stock from my base on the Gloucestershire / Wiltshire border.

Bought to order

Please contact me with your requirements when choosing your next disabled Car or Minibus

As with all types of cars and more especially with wheelchair accessible vehicles ( WAV’s ) the needs of the chair user is probably the most important consideration that has to be made when making the right choice.

It is with this in mind that I ask potential customers to contact me should they have a special requirement when looking to choose a wheelchair accessible vehicle ( WAV ).

If you are considering buying your first disabled car or minibus then you might have some questions you will want me to answer.

I travel great distances in pursuit of quality stock but in some cases the comfort of my office can allow me to view and source a customers preferred choice .

Please feel free to contact me to arrange to visit my varied selection of disabled cars and minibuses.

Who has bought WAVs from Julian Brunt Wheelchair Accessible?

Private Buyers, Organisations and Businesses Who Have Bought Their Latest Disabled Car Or Minibus From Me.

I have sold many wheelchair accessible vehicles that have made such a difference to an individuals life and also to those close to them too.

“I cannot put years on someones life but I can help to put life in those years.”

Having mentioned the private buyers that have benefited from buying from me I too have been pleased to supply both businesses and organisations with either a disabled car or minibuses also.

I have been pleased to supply Care Homes and Residential Centres with vehicles and Government Funded Organisations also.

Local and national businesses with fleets of wheelchair accessible minibuses I too can list as customers of mine.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the right disabled car or minibus to suit either your needs or that of your business needs too .

Home Demonstrations

Please call me to discuss a free no obligation home demonstration

For many years I have traded from home in the sales of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV’s) and minibuses and as a result have been happy to visit both residential and business premises to demonstrate such vehicles.

Having now moved to business premises this will not alter how my business is run and I will continue to carry out home demonstrations. I will continue to maintain the ‘personal touch’ I have offered for many years.

I am hopeful that by moving to my business premises on the Gloucestershire / Wiltshire border my home demonstrations will increase enabling me to showcase my varied stock of disabled cars and minibuses also !!

On a serious note I am aware of the needs and requirements of a wheelchair user and realise that the relaxed environment of a persons home can enable the right decision to be made.

I have in many cases left a wheelchair accessible vehicle at a persons home for a few days so the vehicle can be viewed in private by both family members and friends alike.

My home demonstrations are free and with no obligation and whilst my business is based on the Gloucestershire / Wiltshire border please call me to discuss a distance more further a field.

Free National Delivery


After many years of seeing what a difference a wheelchair accessible vehicle can make to a persons life I recognise the importance of the independence that a new purchase can bring.

It is with this in mind that I offer a prompt delivery service that will get you ‘ on the road ‘ within days of purchasing from me.

Although my business premises are located on the Gloucestershire / Wiltshire border I will deliver to anywhere in England, Wales and Scotland too !!

Once all servicing and maintenance work has been carried out on your ‘new’ vehicle I really can be on your doorstep regardless of your location.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this but it really is a all part of the service I offer . . . . . . and free too !!!!!

Wheelchair Accessible Car / Minibus Insurance

WAV / Disabled cars insurance

I have sold many wheelchair accessible cars / minibuses that have been bought for both private and business use.

It is with that in mind that I am able to recommend an Insurance Company that specialises solely in the insurance of wheelchair accessible cars / minibuses.

I have worked closely with this company for many years and have found them to be extremely efficient in helping my customers to be ‘on the road’ so soon after purchase.

Advising you on insuring your ‘new vehicle’ is something I am more than happy to help with and discuss with you.